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  • Why is the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app "Unable to determine my location"?
    If your app is unable to determine your location, check that your “Location Services” setting is on. Android 12 & higher Swipe down from the top of the screen. Touch and hold “Location”. If you don’t find “Location”, tap “Edit” or “Settings”. Drag “Location” into your “Quick Settings”. Tap “Location Services” and then “Google Location Accuracy”. Turn “Improve Location Accuracy” on. Android 11 & lower Swipe down from the top of the screen. Touch and hold “Location”. If you don’t find “Location”, tap “Edit” or “Settings”. Drag “Location” into your “Quick Settings”. Tap “Advanced” and then “Google Location Accuracy.” Turn “Improve Location Accuracy” on. iOS Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services. Make sure that Location Services is on. Scroll down to find the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app. Tap the app and select an option: Always while using
  • What can I do when my account is deactivated?
    When your account is deactivated, you can file a support ticket with the LEPRD support team. You can do so through the app. Your appeal will be forwarded to a team specifically trained for this type of review. Your appeal will be reviewed by specially trained agents who will review the available information and evaluate the deactivation decision. You can also explain your situation and appeal to the agents to consider it as part of their review. If, after reviewing all the information, the agents determine that multiple people were using your account, then your account will remain deactivated. If the review determines that there were not multiple people using the account or no other fraudulent activity is recorded with regard to our terms and conditions, your account will be reactivated and previous negative results will not be taken into account for future checks. You will be contacted by an agent who will let you know the outcome of the review.
  • Updating your LEPRD or LEPRD Captain application
    The LEPRD and LEPRD Captain applications are regularly updated with new features and improvements. Two types of updates are being pushed for both applications: Mandatory updates: These include critical updates and are important to implement to continue using your respective application. In the case of mandatory updates, you will be prompted when you open the application to update your app to continue using our services, which is not skippable. Optional updates: These updates are minor updates that are optional to upgrade. They consist of minor UI bugs or issues, We always recommend our users check the App Store or Play Store to keep their app fully updated to enjoy our applications. In case of optional updates, you will be prompted to update the app with a skip button so that you can always install these updates at your convenience at any time. Manually update the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app: Open the App Store (iOS Devices) or Play Store (Android Devices) iOS: Tap “Today” at the bottom of the screen. Select your profile icon at the top of the screen. Scroll down to see pending updates. Tap “Update” next to the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app to update the app. Android: Open the Google Play Store app. At the top right, tap the profile icon. Tap Manage apps & device. Apps with an update available are labeled "Update available." Tap “Update” next to the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app to update the app. If you’re having issues updating any of the LEPRD apps, see the sections below. Try the following : Make sure your phone is connected to WIFI. Pause and restart the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain download. Restart your phone. Connect to a different WIFI network. Make sure you have enough storage to download the update. If not, try freeing up space on your phone. Unfortunately, if you have an iPhone 6 or older, your device is no longer supported by the latest iOS version. To get the latest iOS version, you may need to upgrade your phone. If even after trying the above you are unable to install the latest version of the LEPRD application you want, please contact support at and explain your issue, we will be happy to assist you.
  • The LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app is not making any sound on notifications
    You may not hear your app if your phone volume is set to mute. Try turning off the mute or increasing your phone’s volume. Occasionally, when a phone is plugged into a vehicle USB port, the sound automatically mutes or deactivates. You can also try turning Bluetooth off by tapping Settings and then Bluetooth from your phone’s main screen. Additionally, you can check if you did not switch off notifications from your LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app in the settings menu.
  • How to change the application language?
    Originally the application will use your mobile language settings. If you wish to switch language at any time, you simply have to go to settings then "Language", and switch to the language of your preference.
  • Maps did not load properly
    We understand a reliable navigation system is an important part of delivering great service to your riders, and that a slow load time or freezing map can result in a frustrating experience. The maps in the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app may have difficulty loading for a few reasons: Low cellular data coverage in the area Location services are turned off If you've experienced this issue, we recommend you turn on location services for the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app on your device or try driving or being in an area with better cellular data coverage.
  • How can I resolve if I have any technical issues with the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain apps?
    Most technical problems can be resolved using these steps. Update or reinstall the application: IOS: Plug the device in and connect it to Wi-Fi Press Settings Press General Press Software Update Press Download and Install ANDROID: Plug the device in and connect it to Wi-Fi Navigate to settings Press About Device Press System Updates Tap Check for update Tap OK if asked to confirm Press downloads or yes if an update is available NOTE: Updating your apps often improves the device's performance. Ensure your device is working correctly: Ensuring you have a sufficient battery and that the device is charging correctly helps to prevent your device from crashing before a trip ends. Ensuring that you have sufficient data ensures that you have fewer technical issues on trips and that your fares will be processed correctly at the end of the trip. Use an approved device: Using an approved device that adheres to the minimum OS versions reduces technical issues.
  • How do I refer and earn LEPRD credits in my wallet with the Referral Program?
    Within the 'Sharing & Referral' section of your profile, you have the option to share your referral code using two methods: Utilize the QR icon to prompt the friend you're referring to scan it using their phone camera during the registration process within the application. Alternatively, employ the share button to distribute your referral code across various social media platforms. Upon the registration of the individual you've referred to LEPRD using your unique referral code, their status will appear as 'pending' within the 'History' tab of the 'Sharing & Referral' section. Subsequently, once this individual completes their first trip with LEPRD, both your account and theirs will be credited with LEPRD credits and will be reflected with a 'Completed' status in the 'History' tab, as evidenced in the 'Sharing & Referral' section. For customers who are referred, they must complete a trip as a customer in the LEPRD app for both themselves and the person who referred them to qualify for earnings through the referral program. Similarly, for Captains who refer new Captains to use the LEPRD Captain application, The new Captain who is referred must verify his/her account and complete a trip as a LEPRD Captain to be eligible for both himself/herself and the Captain who referred him/her to earn LEPRD credits via the referral program.
  • The LEPRD Captain or LEPRD app is freezing or crashing on android
    If your LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app is freezing or crashing, you can try the following: Force Quit Press and hold the power button until the device turns off. Then press and hold the power button until your device powers back on If the above does not resolve your issue consider clearing your application cache or checking your memory for any other application consuming your resources and force quitting or uninstalling the application that is overusing your phone resources and try to open the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app again.
  • I am unable to sign in on LEPRD or LEPRD Captain
    If you encounter difficulty signing in to either the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain applications, please consider the following options: Verify that you are using the correct login details, including the phone number and other information entered during account creation. It is important to note that registration on LEPRD does not grant access to LEPRD Captain, and vice versa. Each app requires a separate registration process. So please make sure you are using the correct app to log in. OTP Issues: Your login is authenticated via OTP sent to your mobile phone, eliminating the need for a password. If you are not receiving OTPs, ensure you are connected to your network provider and have signal strength. Sometimes, restarting your mobile phone can resolve the issue. If the problem persists, please contact support via the support page or by sending an email to Include your phone number and a detailed description of the issue you are encountering.
  • I had an issue downloading the LEPRD or LEPRD Captain app on android
    If you are using an Android device, you can download the app by searching for “LEPRD” or "LEPRD Captain" in the Google Play store. If you are having an issue downloading the app you need on your Android device and your device displays an error like “unable to get a secure connection to server”, try closing your browser app by tapping your device’s menu button and swiping right on the browser app. You can also clear your browser cache. To do this, tap the menu option within the browser (typically this is an icon of 3 squares in the upper right corner) then head to Settings > Privacy & Security and tap “Clear Cache”. Please note this will delete any saved passwords and browsing data. Please also make sure you are not running any VPN services when trying to download the app you need.
  • My Account was Hacked / Stolen ?
    There may be one or multiple indicators that can make you suspect someone else has accessed your account. Sometimes difficulties in using an account occur because of technical issues or account restrictions. If there are any Account or Payment changes you didn’t make and you suspect that someone used your Wasilni account illegitimately, we recommend you contact support about the issue at and provide proof of your identity for the support to help you with this issue. We also recommend updating your email address in the application, which can also be used to recover your account.
  • The LEPRD Captain or LEPRD app is freezing or crashing on iOS
    If your app keeps freezing or crashing, try the following in the app: iPhone X or later From the home screen, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and pause in the middle of the screen. Swipe right or left to locate the app. Swipe up on the app’s preview to close the app. Reopen the app. iPhone SE, and iPhone 8 and earlier Double-tap the home button. Swipe up on the app card. Reopen the app. If you continue to experience issues, you can try to reset your network settings. Reset network settings This may result in all passwords being deleted. Select Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Can I remove or replace a discount code applied to a trip?
    When applying a new discount code, it will override any previously active discount code on your trip. It's worth noting that many discount codes have a limited number of uses and will remain active on your account until this limit is reached or its active period has expired. This approach ensures that customers need not constantly remember or reapply the discount code, as it will automatically deactivate once the associated conditions are met. Should you ever wish to remove a discount code, you can easily do so by accessing the discount code section during the trip booking process, clicking on the '%' symbol, and selecting the 'x' next to the applied discount code.
  • How can I get LEPRD credits?
    Acquiring LEPRD credits can be accomplished through various channels: Participation in our referral program by recommending LEPRD services to friends and family. Engaging with in-app promotions and missions, which will soon be introduced. Direct purchase of credits via the Wallet section, where options for Custom or Quick Recharge are available. Furthermore, credits may also be transferred to your account by your designated LEPRD captain in instances where cash payments are made, and exact change is unavailable. In such cases, captains can transfer any surplus funds to your wallet, which can subsequently be utilized for future trips.
  • Is it possible to schedule a trip request?
    With LEPRD, in the current release, this feature has not been implemented, but with the upcoming release, this feature will be implemented and all our riders will be able to request a trip for a scheduled time with unbeatable prices.
  • How are the tariffs calculated?
    The fare structure for LEPRD trips encompasses several components, including the initial charge, distance-based fare, time-based fare, waiting time, and surge pricing. The tariffs for LEPRD services are delineated as follows: LEPRD Saver: Initial Charge (8 SAR), Price per Kilometer (0.6 SAR), Price per Minute (0.24 SAR) LEPRD X: Initial Charge (8 SAR), Price per Kilometer (0.75 SAR), Price per Minute (0.36 SAR) LEPRD Family: Initial Charge (8 SAR), Price per Kilometer (0.9 SAR), Price per Minute (0.42 SAR) LEPRD Luxury: Initial Charge (8 SAR), Price per Kilometer (1.2 SAR), Price per Minute (0.54 SAR) Upon entering your pick-up and destination locations within the application, an estimated tariff corresponding to the selected service will be displayed for your review before confirming the ride. Please note that the final fare may vary based on factors such as traffic conditions, rerouting, surge pricing, and AI-driven fare calculations contingent upon application usage.
  • I feel unsafe with the captain during the trip, what should I do?
    With customer safety as our top priority, we have implemented a ride-sharing feature in the app that allows you to share live location updates with your loved ones, ensuring they can track your whereabouts throughout the trip. In the unfortunate event that a Captain's words or actions compromise your personal safety or ability to continue the trip (such as discrimination, making you feel unsafe, or taking you on an unsafe or unpaved route away from your destination as indicated in the LEPRD app), please take the following steps: Contact support directly through the application while the trip is ongoing to inform them of the situation. Alternatively, you can send information to If necessary, contact the authorities. You have the right to ask the Captain to stop and cancel the trip at any time after informing support about the situation. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and effectively.
  • I found the same LEPRD trip, cheaper on other applications. How does LEPRD address this?
    With our LEPRD Price Match Policy, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled service experience to our customers. If you complete a trip as a customer using the LEPRD application and find that the price for the same trip exceeds what is offered by other competitive ride-hailing applications, you are eligible for a cashback of the price difference credited to your LEPRD wallet. To avail this cashback benefit, simply provide a screen recording of the pricing offered by the competing ride-hailing application for the same trip distance and duration, without any discounts or offers applied. You can submit this screen recording to our support team by opening a support ticket from within LEPRD and requesting a cashback for the difference. Once the screen recording is verified by our customer support team and deemed valid, the price difference will be credited to your LEPRD wallet for future use on other trips. This policy ensures that our customers consistently benefit from the most competitive trip prices, offering peace of mind and assurance that they are receiving the best possible rates for their travel needs, without the need to monitor prices across multiple ride-hailing applications.
  • How to request a ride with LEPRD?
    To request a LEPRD, please adhere to the following steps: Upon opening the application, initiate a search for a "Drop-Off" location or pinpoint the desired location on the map. Subsequently, confirm the location by clicking the Middle Drop-Off button. The map interface will then focus on your current location, enabling you to precisely set the Pick-Up location either in front of your building or on the adjacent road. Alternatively, you may search for a Pick-Up location if the ride request pertains to someone else. Should the need arise to modify either the Drop-Off or Pick-Up locations, you may input the exact addresses accordingly. In the event of inadvertently selecting the Drop-Off as the Pick-Up location and vice versa, utilize the switch button to interchange the location addresses. Select the appropriate service from the available options, such as "LEPRD Saver," "LEPRDX," "LEPRD Family," or "LEPRD Luxury," based on your specific requirements and the number of riders. If, after searching for more than 10 minutes, you encounter a message indicating "No cars available for this service," kindly wait a few minutes before attempting to request again. Alternatively, consider switching to another service to explore available ride options before initiating a trip request once more.
  • Can I pay with LEPRD wallet credits?
    On the Service selection screen, you have the option to designate your preferred payment method. Utilizing your Wallet and LEPRD credits for trip payments is available for your convenience. Should your wallet balance be insufficient, you have the flexibility to recharge it seamlessly during the trip booking process or by accessing the wallet section within your profile. You may opt for a custom recharge, where VAT is refunded exclusively to you, or utilize our quick recharge alternatives to acquire additional credits for higher-value credit replenishment in additional to the VAT refund. This ensures flexibility and ease of use for managing your payment preferences.
  • Can I pay with cash for my trip?
    You have the option to make payment for your LEPRD trip in cash, should you prefer this method. Alternatively, if the driver is unable to provide an exact change, they can transfer the difference to your LEPRD wallet via their LEPRD Captain application. The amount transferred to your LEPRD wallet can then be utilized for your subsequent trips with LEPRD, ensuring a seamless and convenient payment process.
  • How can I rate a Captain? Can I change my rating later on?
    Ensuring a fair and accurate rating is crucial for maintaining the quality of our service. Your LEPRD app prompts you to rate Captain after each trip. We encourage you to carefully consider and provide a rating that reflects your experience with the LEPRD captain. Please note that once a rating is submitted, it cannot be altered. In the event of a canceled or completed trip where you need to report something about the captain or if you left something in his/her car, you can access your trip history and contact support from the trip information page. This allows LEPRD staff to address any issues specific to that trip and ensure a timely resolution. Your feedback is invaluable and hence before looking for a new trip, we ask our users to rate their previous experience which helps us to provide a seamless experience and improve our service for all our users.
  • Can I take a trip from one to another city?
    With LEPRD, in the current release, there is no possibility of taking a trip originating from one city and having a destination in another city or vice versa. In future releases, this service will be additionally available for booking rides accordingly.
  • Is it possible to make a payment by combining partial LEPRD Wallet credits with cash?
    You have the possibility of doing so from LEPRD v2.0.2. Where you can choose the partial credits left in your wallet and pay the remaining amount in cash for the trip.
  • How can I share my trip with my family to enable them to track my trip for safety purposes?
    You can share your trip status and location with your loved ones by using the share button visible upon trip acceptance by a LEPRD Captain. You have the flexibility to share this code with them through various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Text Message, Messenger, or Facetime. This message serves to send them a unique code, enabling them to track your trip safely. By entering your phone number and the provided code in the "Track a trip" section within Settings, they can monitor your journey's progress and ensure your safety throughout the trip.
  • Why is there a negative balance or unexplainable deducted balance on my LEPRD wallet?
    In instances where a non-payment for a cash trip is reported by a LEPRD Captain, our support team initiates contact with the customer to investigate any potential fraudulent activity within the system. If communication with the customer proves unsuccessful or if the customer declines to address the inquiry regarding the trip, any outstanding amount is debited from the customer's wallet balance as a negative charge (if the customer wallet has less amount in their wallet concerning the trip cost). Subsequently, when the customer schedules another trip, they are required to settle the outstanding amount along with the total trip cost. This protocol is implemented to safeguard our system against malpractices and to ensure prompt reimbursement of the Captain for their services. By adhering to these procedures, we maintain the integrity of our services, thereby instilling confidence and clarity in our operations.
  • Are there any fixed fares?
    At present, our fare structure remains flexible; nonetheless, we are preparing to introduce fixed-fare services shortly. As part of our upcoming initiative, the Regular Commuters service will provide our valued customers with the opportunity to opt for fixed monthly plans, entailing substantial discounts. This innovative offering enables users to subscribe to the application and conveniently manage their transportation expenses every month.
  • How do I use a discount code for my LEPRD trips?
    To apply a specific discount code, once you have selected the pick-up and drop-off locations and are directed to the service selection screen, you will notice a '%' button adjacent to the 'Book a Ride' button. Click on this button to enter the discount code. Upon entering the code, the relevant discount will be applied to your trip. You can then proceed to click 'Book a Ride' after selecting the desired service to search for a Captain. At LEPRD, we provide various discounts for different occasions. For more information about available discounts, we encourage you to follow our social media channels.
  • What is the cancellation fee?
    At LEPRD, we highly value the time of our partners, and as such, we ensure that they are fairly compensated for any time spent on the road when a trip does not occur. In the event of a trip cancellation, users may be subject to a standard cancellation fee, which is calculated based on the distance covered and the time spent by the driver en route to the pick-up location. The cancellation fee is applicable under the following circumstances: Trip cancellation occurs more than 5 minutes after the trip has been accepted. The user is more than 5 minutes late in meeting the driver at the pick-up location without prior communication regarding the delay. No cancellation fee is incurred in the following scenarios: Trip cancellation within the first 5 minutes of making the request. The driver arrived late by more than 5 minutes beyond the estimated time of arrival (ETA), which was acknowledged during the trip request process. Additionally, users are encouraged to utilize the in-app messaging feature to promptly notify the driver in the event of any delays. This ensures efficient communication and enhances the overall experience for both users and drivers. For More in-depth details Refer to our Refund & Cancellation Policy.
  • My phone won't charge when using LEPRD Captain
    If your phone battery isn’t charging or is losing its charge when plugged into your vehicle, try the following solutions. Switch to a socket car charger Many car USB ports only provide a small amount of power. Most newer phones support one or more fast-changing technologies such as Quick Charge 3.0 and are best paired with a power socket car charger (also called a cigarette lighter charger) that supports the same fast charging technology as your phone. We recommend searching online for a fast car charger designed for your specific phone model and selecting one with good reviews. Reduce screen brightness The brighter your screen, the more battery power your phone uses. Try dimming the screen brightness, as long as you can still clearly see your phone when using the Driver app. Get a new cable if the solutions above didn’t help your phone charge, you may need to buy a new charging cable. We recommend getting one that is braided and has thicker wiring. Use a portable power bank A portable power bank allows you to charge your phone when you’re away from your vehicle, so it’s charged when you need it. Remove any USB adapters Any type of adapter to make a charging cable fit your phone can slow down charging. For example, a micro-USB cord with a USB-C adapter may charge slower than a USB-C cord (especially if it’s a low-quality adapter.) Check your charging cable Not all USB port charging cables work the same. Even fast-charging cables vary by manufacturer in how quickly they charge different devices, meaning some fast-charging cables won’t work as well as others. To ensure you’re getting the fastest charge possible, we recommend buying a fast-charging cable either from or designed for your phone’s manufacturer. Close out unused apps When your phone is charging, some power goes to background tasks and apps your phone is running. Force-quit any apps you’re not using to help your phone charge faster.
  • Understanding Ratings given to Captains after trip completion
    You can see your current rating in your LEPRD Captain app by following the steps below: Tap the menu button (three lines) on the top left. Select your profile photo. Tap the rating under your name. Rider comments are always anonymous. Ratings are confidential, so the information won't be provided around the rating given for a specific trip. Riders will not see their updated rating until after they have rated you, so you can feel confident providing honest feedback. This ensures ratings are as fair as possible for both parties. How Ratings Work Our dual rating system allows riders and drivers to rate each other. Riders can rate their trip experience from 1 to 5 stars and have the option to provide specific feedback from a list of common issues. Riders are asked to rate every trip before they can request again. If a trip is canceled, riders will be unable to rate the trip. Please note that no action is required in requesting the removal of individual ratings, as ratings will be automatically removed when applicable. To ensure a consistent and reliable experience, we are unable to remove individual trip ratings on request. When you're a new driver, you start with a perfect rating of 5 stars. Your overall rating may change frequently until you have received ratings on 100 or more trips as there will be fewer ratings to average together. As your number of rated trips grows, individual ratings have less impact on your overall rating. Rider comments are always anonymous. Ratings are confidential, so we can't provide information about the rating given for a specific trip. RATINGS ARE IMPORTANT We intend ratings and feedback to be helpful for you. To ensure that riders receive a high-quality experience each time they request a ride, driver-partner accounts with consistently low ratings may be deactivated after receiving multiple warnings.
  • I am unable to contact the rider
    If you're having trouble connecting with riders, using our messaging service, or calling the rider through the trip screen. Please open a support ticket for the trip so that the support team can help you get in touch with the rider.
  • I had too many riders for my vehicle type
    We recognize the potential challenges associated with accommodating larger groups of riders. At LEPRD, our foremost priority is the safety and well-being of all passengers including our LEPRD Captain. Please adhere to the following safety guidelines: Do not exceed the maximum number of riders permitted by your vehicle type's seat belt capacity. In the event that more riders attempt to enter your vehicle than can be safely accommodated: Kindly decline to commence the trip. Recommend that some or all of the riders request a larger or additional LEPRD ride. To ensure public safety, it is imperative to communicate with the individual who initiated the ride request beforehand. Confirm the number of riders expected to travel in the booked trip, and take necessary precautions accordingly.
  • The wrong rider took this trip or tried to enter my vehicle
    In rare instances, there may be a case where the wrong rider attempts to enter your vehicle inadvertently. To ensure accurate passenger pick-ups, we advise confirming the rider's name and destination before commencing the trip. Your application provides the rider's name once their request is accepted by you, and conversely, the rider can view your name, photograph, vehicle type, and license plate number. This mutual identification process enhances safety and ensures a smooth ride experience for both parties.
  • I am unable to accept trips due to account issues?
    If you're having trouble signing in or going online, several account issues may be the cause: Expired documents Driving outside the service area of your sign-up city Pending review of newly uploaded documents Not using the latest version of the LEPRD Captain app Account on hold due to a reported accident or incident Location settings turned off or network issues To troubleshoot, follow these steps: Check Account Status: Ensure your account is not suspended or restricted. Contact support if needed. Verify Internet Connection: Ensure a stable connection, switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data. Update App: Use the latest version of the LEPRD Captain app. Restart Device: Sometimes, a restart can resolve issues. Clear App Cache: Clear the app's cache in your device settings. Check for Updates: Update your device's operating system. Contact Support: If issues persist, contact LEPRD support with details and any error messages.
  • My wallet balance is low, why can't I accept trips?
    To maintain operational efficiency and facilitate transactions, we have implemented a minimum wallet balance requirement for Captains to accept trips. The specific minimum amount is available upon contacting support. Recharging your wallet balance is convenient through the "wallet" section of the LEPRD Captain app, using quick recharge cards. Should you encounter difficulties with online payment methods, our support team is available through the app to assist you with alternative recharge options.
  • I didn't collect the right amount of cash or Customer don't have the full amount to pay for the trip
    If a customer pays less than the required amount for the trip, please promptly notify our support team of the shortfall. Upon verification, the missing amount will be reimbursed to your wallet, resulting in a deduction from the customer's wallet balance or a negative balance if their wallet is empty. Customers with negative balances must settle the outstanding amount during their next LEPRD trip, in addition to the new trip fare.
  • What iOS version do I need to accept trips?
    The LEPRD Captain app requires iOS 12 or later to function properly. To update your iOS: Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap “Download and Install”.
  • I'm not getting any trip requests
    First, let’s confirm you’re in the right place: If can sign in but you’re having issues receiving trip requests, try the following: Make sure you’re within the city you’re activated to drive in Move to a location with higher demand, you can get the list of areas of high demand by contacting support. Ensure your preferences are set to receive all trip types that you’re eligible for Check your device’s data or WiFi connection Restart your phone Make sure you have the latest version of the app If you’ve tried the solutions above and still aren’t getting requests, that area or time of day is likely experiencing low demand. Demand for trips can vary by location, time of day, and even time of year. If you still believe there’s an issue with your account, let us know by contacting support through your LEPRD Captain app.
  • Can I use other Apps or receive personal calls during trips?
    Your LEPRD app continues to run when you're using other apps or the phone. GPS info is continually collected to ensure your trips are recorded for accurate fares. Follow local regulations regarding phone use. Please be mindful that talking on the phone while driving can be distracting and dangerous. Some riders also find this rude and unsafe.
  • How do I become a LEPRD Captain and get verified to earn with LEPRD?
    Download the "LEPRD Captain" Application. When you sign up on LEPRD Captain with your phone number, your account will be created. However, to be able to drive with LEPRD you need to verify your account. You can do so by following these steps: After signup, you will see a popup that asks you to "Signup as a driver". Alternatively, you can open the menu or click on your profile to see the link to sign up as a driver. Now you will see 4 sections that need to be filled and completed: Section 1: Vehicle image: Here you will be asked to put your car info : Manufacturer of your car (for example - Kia, Toyota, Hyundai etc.) Name of your Car (for example - K7, K5, Camry, Sonata, etc.) ,Model (Year)(for example -2015, 2020, 2023, etc.) Color of your car (for example - Red, Green, Silver, Black, etc.) The number of seats available in your car, including driver seat (for example 5 (for small cars), 7 (for medium-sized SUVs), or 8 (for large VANs, or large SUVs)) Plate information about your car (in Arabic and English) Check if the car is owned by you, and if you do not check it that means that this car is a rental Check if your car has the available additional features (Baby seat, hotspot, handicap access) Other than the above car info you will be required to upload images of your car, we recommend always taking the pictures during the daytime for clarity and speedy verification: Main vehicle image: This is the picture that will be shown to the customers, so it should be taken from the front of your car with a clear plate number and the entire car front frame shown in the picture. Images: These will tell you which pictures of the car are required for verification(Right side, Left side, Front, Back, Inside, Plate number) and finally an image of your vehicle registration. Section 2: Profile image: This section is about you and your personal data, here you will need to fill in the following information First name and last name Date of birth Iqama / National ID number (No passport or other personal ID is accepted) Email Nationality Profile image: This image will be shown to the customers when you accept their trips, so make sure it is taken during the day. We prefer you take the photo inside your car on the driving seat and upload it. Images: This sub-section is to send the proof of your ID that you mentioned earlier. Take the front and back picture of the ID and upload it here. Section 3: Vehicle insurance: This section is required to be filled to make sure that the car you are driving is safe both for you and the customers. Here you will need to fill in the following information: Insurance Provider Name Issued Date of Your Insurance The expiry date of your Insurance Type of Insurance: Whether it is 3rd party insurance or Comprehensive insurance (Half or Full). You can select "Other" when it's a rental car, or you don't know the type of insurance you have. The vehicle section is automatically filled from the car info that you provided in "Section 1: Vehicle images". Images: Here you will upload two documents. An insurance document as proof of insurance provided by your insurance provider and a Vehicle registration front photo same as you did in "Section 1: Vehicle images". Section 4: Driver license: Here you will provide proof that you are authorized to drive in the country you are requesting access to drive. You will need to fill in the following details to complete this section: Name on your Driver's License Driver License number Issue Date Expiration Date Images: you will need to upload the front and back sides of the driver's license as proof of ID here. Once you have filled and completed a section above you will see that section marked with a green tick box. Once all the sections are marked green your request will be automatically sent for approval. You will receive a message showing that the support can contact you for more details, or if there are any rectifications required in your request you will visit this page again and act based on the support reply for the rejection. Once all the fields are verified by support your account will be verified and you can use our services to accept trips now.
  • My verification request was rejected, what should I do?
    When you send the verification request to be verified as a Captain for LEPRD, we review all the information to make a decision, The following could be the reason why your verification request might be rejected: Inputting wrong information in the fields that do not match with the document proof (picture) that you provided. Falsifying documents or editing government documents is illegal and when any such documents are your request will be rejected and you will be required to upload legitimate documents. Your documents are expired at the time or before your verification. The images of documents provided are blurred or unclear (Vehicle registration, Insurance, or ID(Iqama/National ID)). Your profile image is unclear or seems too intimidating or profane in any way. Remember your profile image should make you look very friendly. Your car images are unclear or taken in a very dark environment. Your car plate number image is unclear or your plate number is not visible. Your personal information does not match with your ID information provided. Your vehicle is too old (Older than 2010). Your vehicle is too dirty or damaged, which does not meet our standards. Your car does not have a working AC or seatbelts don't work in your car. If your car was previously reported as a stolen vehicle. You are registering someone else car without their authorization which should be legally registered on the Local Traffic Police service portal (Like Absher in KSA). If this car was rejected previously for any of the above reasons except the ones that can be rectified easily (like a dirty car can be cleaned, a damaged car can be fixed, documents can be renewed if expired, etc.). In all these above cases you can face a rejection, When the support rejects your request they send you a message as to why the request was rejected, so you can follow those instructions to fix them as soon as possible and resubmit the request for verification. If the rejection happened due to a reason that violates our terms and conditions or legal requirements then your verification request will be rejected and you won't be able to submit a new request in that case, thereby unable to drive as a LEPRD Captain.
  • Why is my phone getting hot?
    The LEPRD Captain app requires a battery and processing power to run. Extended use can contribute to your phone becoming hot to the touch. While driving, try to keep your phone connected to a power source. If you use a phone mount, position your phone near air conditioner vents to help lower its temperature
  • My fare is not showing in the app on the trip dashboard
    We are showing the price of the trips before accepting the trips on your LEPRD Captain trip dashboard in all cases When the trip price is below a certain limit then the trip prices are hidden to make sure we keep the application fair for all the captains who wish to accept the trips. Nonetheless, once the trip has been accepted, the price for the trip will be shown to the captain. When the trip has been completed the captain will see the amount he needs to collect from the customer (when the payment type is cash).
  • How to improve ratings as a Captain
    Some events during a trip cannot be anticipated. Circumstances outside your control may impact the rating you receive from a rider. We understand this can cause concern. Since your overall rating is based on an average of up to 100 of your most recent trips, an individual trip rating will not have a significant impact on your overall rating. Additionally, if a rider gives a negative rating and selects a trip issue that is unrelated to your performance (for example too many pickups, price, LEPRD app experience), the trip won’t count toward your overall rating. Tips from 5-star drivers Five-star drivers report that riders appreciate it when they: Keep vehicles clean, well-maintained, and scent-free Ask riders about a preferred route to a destination Keep the conversation polite, professional, and respectful Dress professionally Open vehicle doors for riders Provide bottled water, snacks, gum, mints, and cell phone chargers Help with luggage and bags when it’s safe to do so Your weekly review shares ratings and comments from riders. This provides insight into the trip experiences you’re creating.
  • I should have received a cancellation fee for this trip
    When a trip request is canceled or the rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location, you may be paid a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees will appear on your payment statement. Keep in mind that fee amounts vary by vehicle class and city, and the LEPRD Fee applies to any cancellation fee. Cancellation fees generally apply when: A rider cancels a trip request more than 5 minutes after you accepted the request and you are running on time to the pickup location (within 5 minutes) A rider doesn't arrive at the pickup location within 10 minutes of your arrival. In both cases, to be eligible for a cancellation or wait-time fee, you have to stay close to pick up for the wait time duration.
  • The cash trip was paid with a large bill and I don't have sufficient cash change to return to the customer
    If a customer pays more than the trip cost and you are unable to provide change, you can transfer credits from your wallet to the customer's wallet on the main payment screen, limited to the trip cost. For amounts exceeding the trip cost, alternative means to acquire change should be pursued.
  • How do I rate the customer? Can I change the rating later on?
    Ensuring a fair and accurate rating is crucial for maintaining the quality of our service. Your LEPRD Captain app prompts you to rate riders after each trip. We encourage you to carefully consider and provide a rating that reflects your experience with the rider. Please note that once a rating is submitted, it cannot be altered. In the event of a canceled or completed trip where you need to report something about the customer or if the customer has left something in your car, you can access your trip history and contact support from the trip information page. This allows LEPRD staff to address any issues specific to that trip and ensure a timely resolution. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us provide a seamless experience for all our users.
  • I don't know how much I have earned from a trip
    When the captain completes a trip with LEPRD: If the trip is completed using the wallet payment method, the entire trip cost will be added to their balance. then from the captain's wallet the VAT amount for that trip, the LEPRD charge for that trip, and any additional amount pertaining to that trip will be deducted. If the trip is completed using cash, there will be no added balance to the LEPRD Captains wallet, and the LEPRD Captains wallet will have the deductions of VAT amount for that trip, the LEPRD charge for that trip, and any additional amount pertaining to that trip. As a LEPRD Captain, you can view the information about deductions for that trip in your "Transactions" sections of the inbox in the old app version or your wallet history in the new application design. You can also view the trip history to see the price for the trip that you completed with all the details, including the earnings you received from that trip. Also, you can view your entire earning statistics on the same history page with the 'i' button in the top corner.
  • I have a safety concern with a customer, what should I do?
    If a rider's words or actions affected your personal safety or ability to complete this trip (such as being discriminated against, making you feel unsafe, or being asked to go on an unsafe/unpaved road). You can stop and cancel the trip at any time and contact authorities (if needed) and send information to or contact support through the trip page immediately about the issue as well.
  • Customer did not pay, not answering my call after trip completion
    In the event of a customer failing to pay for the trip, it is imperative to promptly notify support by opening a support ticket in the LEPRD Captain application. It is crucial to understand that cash transactions are entirely the responsibility of the Captains. LEPRD does not directly oversee these transactions, and therefore, reimbursement to the Captain cannot be guaranteed, as such matters are considered personal between the parties involved. To mitigate the likelihood of such occurrences, Captains must confirm the payment method with the customer and ensure they have sufficient cash before commencing the trip, after arriving at the pick-up location. While LEPRD may consider reimbursement for non-payment in rare instances, it will be done on a case-by-case basis following a thorough investigation. Furthermore, customers found responsible for non-payment may face potential penalties. These protocols uphold our commitment to fair and transparent transactions, ensuring a reliable and secure experience for both Captains and customers
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